When I’m cleaning Windows

Oh boy, what a day!

All the reviews say that Windows 10 is the best Windows yet, so when my dear desktop machine told me that Microsoft was itching to let me get my hands on it I succumbed, not least because my Windows 7 system took forever to boot up.  While I was about it, I thought I would “do” the laptop as well, as I found a quick way in to avoid waiting to be told it was ready.

I know enough about computers to get myself out of trouble, but also enough to get myself into trouble in the first place.  And you can guess what came next… trouble.

The PC installed perfectly – except that my Kaspersky antivirus software disappeared.  Completely.  No trace at all.  Off to Google I went and found what to do; download it again and reinstall.  So I did, but it didn’t.  I kept getting an error message saying it wouldn’t work properly in Safe Mode, even though it wasn’t in Safe Mode.  Back to Google.  Try installing the 2016 edition, it said (I had installed 2015, it being 2015, you understand).  But first uninstall the 2015 version or it may not work.  Did that and bingo, all was well.  And my machine was booting faster and programs were not hanging like they did before.  Result.

On to the laptop installation.  Smooth and error-free.  Until I closed down and restarted, when suddenly the touchpad didn’t work any more.  The USB mouse did, but on the move using a mouse is not convenient.  I wanted the touchpad back.  Back to Google.  Fix identified.  Didn’t work.  Another fix tried.  Nor did that.  Back to the manufacturer’s website, where hidden away in the Windows 10 page was a list of supported models.  “If your model is not here then it will not be supported”.  Guess what.  Mine wasn’t on the list.  Well.  It was a bit late for that; pity they didn’t think of emailing out to purchasers of said model that it was not upgradeable.  Google again.  Another fix found.  Executed.  Now the damn laptop would not boot but went into an endless loop bleating it had “encountered a problem”.  After a while it offered a solution – reinstall Windows, but although it would save any data, it would wipe off any post-sale installed programs.  What choice was there?

Contemplating the awful scenario of losing all programs and finding the touchpad still didn’t work, I set it going.  Off it churned, politely telling me towards the end that it was taking a little longer than anticipated (which I thought was code for big trouble).  But no.  Not only did the machine boot properly, but the touchpad worked.  The process provided me with a long list of programs it had deleted, including the touchpad controller (work that out if you can).   No antivirus, my malware blocker gone, Dropbox gone, Microsoft Office vanished, Picasa nowhere to be found.  Bother. Or another 6 letter word beginning with B.  I had to reinstall the lot, my virus program with the very helpful assistance on an online techie.

It took all day to complete the reconstruction of my computer system.  The only plus was that a whole load of preinstalled bloatware had also gone from the laptop, which doesn’t seem to have caused any problems at all (yet).

The moral of this tale is – don’t install Windows 10 yet.  I have little doubt that there will be an avalanche of such hiccups, to mix metaphors, and it has already begun, judging by some of the forums.  Wait until the software types have got their products running smoothly before risking your sanity as your machine starts to do strange things, or stops doing anything.


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